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A Buddha to help us in these difficult times.

In these difficult times, its easy to lose our equanimity. Keeping this Buddha around is a good reminder of how vital it is to maintaining, or regain, our equanimity, so we can act with clear intention and compassion. This unique statue of the Buddha with Demons shows by example, to stay calm in the midst of what can seem like tumultuous assaults, by fears in daily life of what may come next and the awareness of so many people who are suffering. Many years ago I found this statue on a shelf in a dusty shop in Bali. I was immediately drawn to him because while he is engulfed in turmoil, he remains tranquil. He reminds me to maintain equanimity,...

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With form being emptiness and emptiness being form, whether or not we are in male or female bodies is of little consequence. However, when most of the Buddhist statues we sit with are male, there is a subtle message that one must be born in a man’s body to become enlightened. So we are creating images of women in Buddhism to support everyones practice.

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Do what you love for a living!

Garden of Buddhas came into being 26 years ago because: First: I wanted to love what I do while I make a living and to firmly integrate my work with developing my Buddhist practice and knowledge of Buddhist art. Second: I simply love creating and working with beautiful things and to support artists who do careful, conscious, beautiful work. It feeds my soul and brings me complete joy. Third: I derive enormous satisfaction by being of benefit to other people by participating in the creation something that brings pleasure to every one involved. (Among other things I used to be a chef, but that became too much of a study in impermanence! ) For many years now I have love...

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