"Victoria's work is exquisite. She selects and creates some of the most iconic and beautiful Buddhist art. She has helped design and bring marvelous statues to Spirit Rock, and I am always grateful for her skill and care."

Jack Kornfield.

“I am so happy to have Patacara here. She honestly does feel real, in the sense that she seems to impart the whole lineage of the bhikkhuni sangha, from the Buddha's day, in a visceral, deeply touching way. “

Venerable Canda, Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project in the UK


we work together with brilliant carvers to design the statues for our on line shop, creating images that inspire feelings of deep peace, loving kindness and joy. Many are reproduced in a small workshop in the USA from bonded metals and marble. After more than 30 years of designing, commissioning and selling these statues, we are pleased that they now reside in meditation centers, homes, healing centers, and gardens in the USA, Europe and Asia. Wholesale Orders Welcome