Sacred Statues for Meditation, Gardens & Interiors

Garden of Buddhas has been creating, buying and selling Buddhist and other Sacred art for more than 20 years.

The seed for Garden of Buddhas was planted when I was a child, in the form of the most revered object in my Grandmother's elegant home, a Ming Dynasty Quan Yin. We  always referred to her as 'The Buddha' and only later did I realize that she was Quan Yin, the female form of the Buddha of Compassion. Little did I know then that she was going to take me on an amazing journey that continues to today.
In the late 80's, after my first 10 day meditation retreat, I began my travels in Southeast Asia. I looked everywhere for a Buddhist image that had my Grandmothers Quan YIns qualities of calm dignity and ease, as well as her compassionate expression and beautiful features. At that time there were few Buddhist statues for sale and the exquisite ones I did find required a small family fortune.
From that experience sprouted the desire to find, commission, create beautiful Buddhist images and to make them available to as many people as possible for affordable prices. The ideas for what is now GARDEN OF BUDDHAS began to grow.

I took drawings and ideas to exceptional carvers in Asia who not only create fine images, they also have the power to imbue the statues with an energy that can be transmitted to other people, even in the cast form. We began immediately by carving the Seated Quan Yin on a Double Lotus, the Burmese Buddha Mandalay style and later many other images.

Samma-Ajiva was our original name because it means 'Beneficial Livelihood'. It is a step on the Buddhist "8 Fold Path", which shows 8 ways to live, without the distress caused by harmful behavior and thus freeing us to see clearly in the present moment.  I chose the name to serve as a constant reminder that our Buddhas should honor the materials and be of benefit to everyone involved from carver to the person who takes them home. The resin Buddhas are cast in the USA in a small shop that provides fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions. For many years Garden of Dreams managed what was then Samma-Ajiva Buddhas but after many years they retired and returned it to me. I am very pleased with this change. We still have a happy working relationship with the same people carving and casting people we have worked with over the years in the USA and in Asia.

For the past 30 years I have traveled between California and South East Asia, spending as much time as possible in my home in Bali.

Not all of our statues can be on the web site. You can see many more of the statues that we have found and sold over the past 20 years on Pinterest. And more current photos on Instagram.

If you are interested in any you see that are not on this web site, please contact me.

Zen Works sells our carved wood GARDEN OF BUDDHAS Jizo statues in male and female form in their online catalog.

May All Beings Be Happy,

Victoria and Friends