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Do what you love for a living!

Garden of Buddhas came into being 26 years ago because: First: I wanted to love what I do while I make a living and to firmly integrate my work with developing my Buddhist practice and knowledge of Buddhist art. Second: I simply love creating and working with beautiful things and to support artists who do careful, conscious, beautiful work. It feeds my soul and brings me complete joy. Third: I derive enormous satisfaction by being of benefit to other people by participating in the creation something that brings pleasure to every one involved. (Among other things I used to be a chef, but that became too much of a study in impermanence! ) For many years now I have love...

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Joy is in the details!

Early morning, I set out from my hotel by the river, in the used car part of Bangkok, for breakfast at my favorite noodle soup breakfast place. I have been there many times and the route is familiar, past the piles of tons of oily smelling metal shapes, tiny shop houses, with people beginning their day and a pack of braying beagles. That morning I took another, even smaller alley, that seemed to go vaguely in the right direction. I delighted in the quiet, the details of the worn walls surfaces, a red gate, a little open, revealing an elaborate Chinese temple and Bodhi trees taking root in cracked cement. Something flashed in the corner of my eye and I...

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For almost 20 years we have created, cast, bought and sold Buddhist and Hindu images under the name "SAMMA-AJIVA" Buddhas. I love the name which means "BENEFICIAL LIVELIHOOD" because it is a reminder of a step on the Buddhist "8 FOLD PATH", ways of being that help us maintain a quiet mind so we can see clearly the truth of things as they are.  In line with another basic Buddhist teaching "THINGS CHANGE", "Garden of Dreams" who was my partner in sales and distribution all these years has retired. I am changing the web site, slowly adding back in the most inspiring pieces and looking for new ones. You can find any of our cast pieces and many of the carved ones on Pinterest "Garden of Buddhas" and write...

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