Jizo in Meditation serenely seated on a rock rust brown
back of Jizo in Meditation serenely seated on a rock warm rust brown
Jizo in Meditation serenely seated on a rock in a garden warm rust brown

Jizo In Meditation

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Size: 14" x 9 1/2" x 7"

Material: Metal bonded with resin and antiqued by hand. There can be minor variations in color because antiquing is a natural process.

Gentle Jizo Bodhisattva is known as the Protector of Women and Children, who also helps beings into this world and out again

Jizos are a part of a ceremony called the Mizuko Kuyo Ceremony, in Japan and other countries, for a child who has died before or within a year of birth. It provides a ritual form for the parent's grief for the child they lost. Yvonnne Jikai Rand developed the ceremony in America. Part of the ceremony involves sewing a little red bib or hat or to make something for the little statue and in Japan, you see many little Jizo statues in stone and wood with little red bibs and hats. Jizo is said to go to the 6 realms to help beings in distress. The 6 rings on his staff symbolize these 6 Realms of Existence: gods, (temporary pleasure), hell (pain and suffering), animals (ignorance) hungry ghosts (desire), humans (the rare opportunity to practice), and asuras (jealousy and fighting). The rings jingle warning small animals to move so they are not hurt.

Each statue is handmade to order. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Ships to street address via Fed Ex.