"We have been doing business with Damcho Tsomo and Garden of Buddhas for over fifteen years. We love the wooden statues that are so beautifully carved by craftsmen in Bali, especially the hand-painted Kannon (embodiment of compassion) and the statues of the masculine and feminine Jizos (protector of women, children and travelers). Our customers like knowing that they are helping to support traditional artists in Bali. Our orders are always filled and shipped in a timely manner. Garden of Buddhas is a precious resource!"

Jan Chozen Bays Roshi, Great Vow Zen Monastery.

“Honestly, as I write this my heart is shaking with gratitude and joy at what we have created together. In this Patacara, a Theri Rupa. She welcomes all with her feminine, powerful and grounded presence. She is a beautiful mirror. I am grateful that she will sit in our community hall, an image that unconsciously and consciously says, “You are welcome here. You belong here”. May she help us all feel more welcome, more included and safer to be fully who we are within our Dharma community and the world at large .Without words to express how deeply I feel this all as gift and love.”

Tanya Wiser

“The Quan Yin statue was delivered this afternoon. I’m absolutely thrilled! She is exactly what I expected. the delicate details and strong ethereal sense are wonderful. Thank you for getting the amazingly fast delivery, and for simply making this possible. I’m grateful for your perseverance, and for having such a beautiful statue in my home.”


“Garden of Buddha statues are in many corners and altars in Healing Arts Center. We put them everywhere we can because we have found over the years that they not only are they beautiful, they create a feeling of calm and protection for all of us. We also sell the Painted Quan Yin which is loved by many people. Personally, there of 9 of these painted statues that I have not been able to resist taking home over the past years as well as some of the other ones.”

Judith Fisher

Healing Arts Center, Gualala, California

“Garden of Buddhas work is exquisite. She selects and creates some of the most iconic and beautiful Buddhist art. She has helped design and bring marvelous statues to Spirit Rock, and I am always grateful for her skill and care.”

Jack Kornfield

Spirit Rock Center

“She brought tears to my eyes. She will be a supportive presence at IRC. Many thanks to you Tanya, to Garden of Buddhas and to fellow LDLers who helped her come into being.”

Liz Powell

“I am so happy to have Patacara here. She honestly does feel real, in the sense that she seems to impart the whole lineage of the bhikkhuni sangha, from the Buddha's day, in a visceral, deeply touching way. “

Venerable Canda

Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project in the UK

“The Jizo woman is a wonderful sculpture! Every detail is perfect. The depictions of female Buddhist images on your website are unusual and deeply appreciated. I also want to thank you for the beautiful cards depicting Ganesha.”