GARDEN OF BUDDHAS Sacred Images for Gardens and Interiors.

Fill your surroundings with feelings of deep peace, loving kindness and joy. We design and create our own collection of statues of the Buddha, Quan Yin and other Sacred Images to grace your home, your work place, or a sheltered place in your garden with their lovely feelings. And to offer as a gift.

After traveling throughout Asia for over 30 years, searching for, designing and commissioning these statues, they now reside in meditation centers, private homes, healing centers, spas & gardens in the USA, Europe & Asia.

Each carving, even when it is the same image carved by the same artist, has its own unique qualities. We have chosen some of the best of these and now make them available as reproductions. Our statues are hand cast and skillfully finished in a workshop in the USA to ensure high quality and good working conditions. The unique energy of each carving comes through in every cast image.

In addition to working with highly talented carvers, we enjoy supporting indigenous craftspeople in creating textiles, incense, jewelry and other works of art. And we delight in bringing you treasures discovered in our travels. To see works in process & be the first to see our new finds, check our website often, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook and the best idea, sign up for our monthly emails!