Hand Painted Quan Yin with Landscape # COMING SOON!

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New ones will be coming soon!

Quan Yin is the female form of the Buddha of Compassion, Avalokitesvara. Compassion means 'to feel with another', to be able to empathize and understand, even if we don't agree. It is also said 'Quan Yin hears the cries of the world'. Her calm strength and gentle energy can inspire us to listen deeply, to hear our own truth and that of our world and then to act with kindness in our hearts. 

Her energy of compassion belongs everywhere in our lives, for ourselves, for those we agree with and those we don't agree with, for the animal beings, the inert riches that make up our planet, the air we breathe in and out. It all deserves our respect and attention. In this design, the trees grow up to become part of her robes, the clouds wrap around her head and her kimono becomes part of the water, forest and mountains. The temple reminds us to honor all and to express gratitude and the little roofed seating place reminds us to take the time to be at ease, so we can let it all in and be part of the healing process. 

Bentiwas wood, a sustainable harvested tropical wood.

Approximately 12 inches (30cm)