Large Buddha Statue Loving Kindness, Antique Rust 32in/80cm black background
Large Buddha Statue Loving Kindness, Antique Rust 32in/80cm

Large Buddha Statue Loving Kindness, Antique Rust

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I instantly fell in love with the warm, gentle feeling of this beautiful large and simple Buddha when I found him, carved in Alabaster, in Northern Thailand. His hair style is the same as I found often in Sagaing, the area with 100s of monasteries and nunneries across the river from Mandalay and is reminicent of the 4th-5th century Gandahar style but I have not yet found an explaination for this.

I simple love him and I want to make him more affordable for  people who would like him. He is currently only available on my web site so I can reduce his price significantly below normal retail. His normal price would be $950.00.

PS. I find it hard to reconcile the gentleness of Burmese images, the intelligence and kindness of the Burmese people I have met, the brilliance of the Burmese teachings I have experienced on retreat in Sagaing, Burma and the treatment of the Rohngya and Muslims. So, these statues of the Buddha can be of assistance I will donate 10% of the retail price of all the Burmese Buddhas is sell from this web site to an organization which helps provide food and shelter them.

Placement: He can reside in a protected place in your garden or in your home, place of work, a meditation center or be a gift!

Material: Metal bonded with resin and antiqued by hand. There may be minor variations in color because the antiquing is a natural process that will get more beautiful with time. (This photo is more rust than our new pieces.)

Shipping: Each statue is handmade to order so please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Ships to street address via Fed Ex.This price includes a $50 packing charge applied to large statues.

Made in USA

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