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Thai Double Ikat Silk Passion Flower colors
Thai Double Ikat Silk Passion Flower colors flower

Passion Flower colors Thai Silk Double Ikat Shawl or Wall Hanging, 6'6"x 22" (200cm x 55cm) #2

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Another spectaculor long silk shawl or stunning wall hanging, in the colors of tropical Passion Flowers. Created by Sasaiwan Dumrongsiri of "Chabatik"  It is slighty lighter weight and a touch narrower than the Thai Double Ikat #1 Luxurious silk warp with raw silk worked into the weft creates a delicious texture and entrancing merging of brilliant rich colors. Each piece is a stunning work of art that can be worn for special occasions as a shawl or add richness to any room as a stunning wall hanging or altar cloth. Hand dyed and woven in 2 villages in northeast Thailand, supporting traditional weaving techniques and weavers.

Slightly lighter weight than the #1 . 22 inches 6.5 feet long (56cm wide by 182cm) It has fringe on the top and the bottom. The colors shift with the light. 100% silk.

Placement: It would also be a wonderful cloth to hang behind your altar and favorite Sacred Image. It is also a gorgeous shawl or wall hanging anywhere.

Material: This 100% Thai silk textile is 6'6" x 22" (200cm x 56cm) fringed on both ends.

Shipping: 1 piece left. Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. International shipping is possible.

Woven in Thailand

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