Burmese Buddha Statue marble 15 inches front view earth touch mudra
Burmese Buddha Statue marble 15 inches close up face
Burmese Buddha Statue marble 15 inches back and nice robe detail
Burmese Buddha Statue marble 15 inches 3/4 view

Burmese Buddha Statue Mandalay Style, Marble 15in/38cm

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In Mandalay, the ancient Burmese capital, this style of Buddha statue is carved in alabaster. There is a whole neighborhood where the streets and buildings glitter with marble dust and some of the statues being carved are so big that the artists use ladders or scaffolding to reach their faces. We have cast this piece in marble dust bonded with a minimum of resin to come as close as we can to the translucent, transcendent quality of Burmese alabaster.
There is a gentle, calm quality to many Burmese Buddhist images and the feeling this particular Buddha emanates is very comforting. 
His mudra is called 'Touching the Earth' or 'Calling the Earth to Witness'. He calls to mind Thich Nhat Hanh's phrase, "This moment only moment." Being right here right now is where the fullness of life and liberation resides.

PS. I find it hard to reconcile the gentleness of Burmese images, the intelligence and kindness of the Burmese people I have met, the brilliance of the Burmese teachings I have experienced on retreat in Sagaing, Burma and the treatment of the Rohngya and Muslims. So that these Buddha statues can be of assistance I will donate 10% of the retail price of all the Burmese Buddhas is sell from this web site to an organization which helps provide food and shelter them.

Placement: He can reside outside in a covered place in your garden or in your home or place of work.
Material: Marble dust bonded with a minimum of resin giving him a luminous quality.

Made in USA

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