Burmese Buddha Statue antique rust 15 inches
Burmese Buddha Statue antique rust 15 inches close up of beautiful face
Burmese Buddha Statue antique rust 15 inches back view
Burmese Buddha Statue antique rust 15 inches three quarter view

Burmese Buddha Statue Mandalay Style, Antique Rust 15in/38cm

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This is our very first Buddha that we had carved to cast and share!

I was clear what the feeling of the Buddha I wanted was to inspire me and my practice, but I had never seen him. I searched in books and temples and galleries for an image that eminated those qualities. Finally, on a smoggy day in Bangkok in the early 1990s, after too much walking on noisy streets and hot concrete, in my Blue Elephant flip flops that a nun at Suan Mokkh had helped me choose, I stumbled into the shade of the Marble Palace. And there he was.

There is a gentle, calm dignity to many Burmese Buddhist images. And the one I had carved based on the Marble Palace inspiration is even more comforting to me. Having him in my life has been a continual reminder of the stillness and presence that is available to me. 

His mudra is called the Bhumisparsha mudra, 'Touching the Earth' or 'Calling the Earth to Witness'. This is the gesture the Buddha made while sitting under the Bodhi tree.  He called the earth to witness his right to enlightenment and she did.

I have always liked the connections with nature and the feminine in this, the most important hand symbol in the life of the Buddha. It can be seen in several other helpful ways. It is a symbol of his unwavering commitment to sit right there, right then, under the Bodhi tree until he saw things as they truly are.

It also calls to mind Thich Nhat Hanh's phrase, "This moment only moment." Being present right here right now is where the fullness of life and liberation resides.

PS. I find it hard to reconcile the gentleness of Burmese images, the intelligence and kindness of the Burmese people I have met, the brilliance of the Burmese teachings I have experienced on retreat in Sagaing, Burma and the treatment of the Rohngya and Muslims. So that these Buddha statues  can be of assistance I will donate 10% of the retail price of all the Burmese Buddhas is sell from this web site to an organization which helps provide food and shelter them.

Placement: He can reside inside or in a covered place in your garden.

Material: Metal bonded with resin and antiqued by hand. There can be minor variations in color because the antiquing is a natural process and gets richer with time.

Shipping: Each statue is handmade to order so please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. Ships to street address via Fed Ex. 

Made in USA

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