A silhouette cut from bronze of a walking Buddha, one hand raised, inside a brush stroke circle with a wood base.


Brass Silhouette Walking Buddha 7 3/4 inches

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This Thai Walking Buddha encircled by a beautiful Enso, fits easily into any space. He is a reminder to be mindful even as we move through our daily life. His Mudra is called 'Do Not Fear'. I had always been confused by the name of this mudra, until I heard a story. In the time shortly after the Buddha died the king was very worried that without the Buddha present to teach him, he would not be able to grow in his understanding of the true nature of everything.  One of the disciples of the Buddha reassured the King. "Have no fear, once you have heard the teaching of the Buddha there is no turning back, you will reach enlightenment."

7 3/4  tall. Base of Teak Wood. Hand polished brass with polyurethane sealer.

We have one piece in stock but can make many more! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.